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Grease Jockey Pump Kits

Grease Jockey Pump Kits

Automatic Chassis Lubrication

Makes manual lubrication a thing of the past

Lubrication is critical to your vehicle's peak performance. With Graco's Grease Jockey automatic lubrication system, vehicle maintenance gets a whole lot easier. Take the hassle of out of manually lubricating your chass and continuously lubricate it instead with a Graco Grease Jockey lubrication system.


  • Keeps your chassis operating, even in harsh on-road conditions
  • Lubricant goes where it's supposed to, automatically, with little or no waste, while the vehicle is operating
  • No wasted time, no missed lube points and no under or over greasing ever again!
  • Systems to fit most OEM on-road vehicles, including specialty fire trucks, cement trucks and waste haulers
  • Field-proven–some of the largest fleets have been using Grease Jockey for decades!

Injector Modules

  • Pre-set, field adjustable injector modules to match your chassis needs
  • Right front, left front, rear and 5th wheel modules provide coverage for virtually any vehicle
  • Everything included in each module to ensure proper connections
  • Innovative mounting hardware positions system components along the frame rail for added protection
  • Tubing is pre-charged with grease for fast efficient installation
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