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Single Series Single Point Lubricators

EM-Drive Lubricators

EM-Drive Lubricators

Electromechanical Single Series Lubricators

Delivers precise lubrication, regardless of temperature and vibration

Graco’s Electromechanical (motor-driven) Single Series lubricators automatically deliver small, predetermined amounts of lubricant at frequent intervals for an uninterrupted supply of fresh lubricant directly to your bearing or lubrication point. Prevents over and under lubrication problems associated with manual lubrication (grease gun) methods.


  • Battery-powered, motor-drive delivers precise lubrication, regardless of temperature and vibration.
  • Easy-to-read LED feedback indicators ensure trouble-free operation.
  • Suitable for Class I, Div 2 groups A,B,C,D, Class II, Div 2 groups F,G, and Class III hazardous locations.
  • UL Listed.
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