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Electrostatic Spray Guns

Pro Xp60 Electrostatic Spray Guns

Pro Xp60 Electrostatic Spray Guns

Electrostatic Air Spray Guns Deliver Expert Performance

Pro Xp60 kV electrostatic air spray gun is available in a variety of models for flexible manufacturing needs

Pro Xp60 Air Spray gun line includes Standard, Smart, High Conductivity, Round Spray and Waterborne models. The additional gun models combine the benefits of material savings and excellent finish quality into a smaller and lighter gun body, making it easier to spray.

1. The smallest profile gun with internal power supply on the market - 1 inch (2.5 cm) shorter and 4 oz (110 g) lighter
2. Reduce muscle strain with the lighter trigger pull
3. Smart Controls help you analyze performance, adapt to your voltage needs and make troubleshooting easier
4. Made in the USA
5. Rugged, dependable design supported by a three year warranty
6. Every gun is tested and delivered with a certificate indicating the spray pattern, mechanical performance and electrical performance meets Graco's requirements
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