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Gerhardt Lubricating Pump

Gerhardt Lubricating Pump

Product 0042 300x289 Gerhardt Lubricating PumpThe Gerhardt lubricating pump is the in-line positive displacement plunger type capable of delivering accurate quantities of fluid under high pressure for both lubricating and process requirements. The pump is capable of delivering precisely metered amounts of fluid under a wide range of pressures and is especially suited for use with centralized lubricating systems.


The following information is required for ordering a new Lubrication Pump. Note that these items are in addition to available options:

1. The type of fluid to be pumped and its specifications.
2. Pump drive coupling location: right or left when facing inspection cover.
3. The speed, diameter and key size of the shaft which will drive the pump.
4. Quantity of plungers and size of each.
5. Whether or not the oil (lubricant) will be supplied to the pump under pressure or by gravity.
6. The quantity of lubricant in pints/24 hours that each plunger is required to supply.
7. Whether or not separate oil chambers are required for the use of a different fluid.
8. If the pump is to replace an existing unit, the type number and serial number of that pump should also be furnished

Product 00521 300x285 Gerhardt Lubricating Pump PUMP ACCESSORIES AND OPTIONS

Each pump is furnished as standard with drive coupling assembly, overflow valve, bowl assembly and mounting bolts.

The following options are available at additional costs:

1. Clutch assembly with hand crank to enable operation of pump when the machine is at rest. When ordering a clutch assembly, furnish the rotation of the drive shaft when facing it.
2. Multiple cylinder pumps can also be furnished whereby each plunger can deliver different oils
3. Pre-lube connection at the bowl for use with a hand pump
4. Stainless steel tubing and fitting
5. Angle Mounting (25° Typical)
6. SAE Standard Mechanical Tachometer Adaptor

General Specifications

Speed Range 50 RPM to 1000 RPM
Delivery Range (Per Cylinder) Minimum – 10 U.S. Pints/Day
Maximum –Refer to Chart
Min. Inlet Pressure 1.5 PSIG (3.5 Feet of Head)
Max. Delivery Pressure
Plunger Size Constant Press. PSIG Intermittent Press. PSIG
6MM 8,000 10,000
10MM 2,900 5,000
Pumped Media Any Mineral Base Lubricant from 50 SSU to 2200 SSU @100°F
Direction of Rotation Bidirectional
Weight 14lbs. (Dry)

For unusual conditions, Contact FD Johnson Engineering Department

NOTE: The Gerhardt Pump is capable of handling many types of media. If your requirements call for something other than shown above

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