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Alemite Grease Pump - Increase the Efficiency of Your Pumps

Alemite Lubrication Products


FD Johnson offers Alemite Lubrication Products. Alemite is dedicated to supplying quality lubrication systems and equipment to meet the needs of numerous industries. With a commitment to provide innovative products that meet the highest quality standards, Alemite has achieved an international reputation as a leader in designing and manufacturing lubrication and fluid handling products. Contact FD Johnson today to learn more about Alemite Grease pump and Lubrication Products.

Lubrication Fittings

fdjohnsonAlemite standard and metric fittings are manufactured to the highest-quality standards and are made from the highest-grade materials. Alemite’s patented CHAPS® System ensures all fittings are stronger, more durable and easier to use. Alemite offers a complete line of lubrication fittings to meet the requirements of virtually every market. Alemite is also the only source for Monel fittings.

  • AS Fittings
  • ¼"-28 Taper Thread
  • ¼"-28 Straight Thread
  • 1/8" PTF
  • 1/8" PTF
  • ¼" and 1/8" Thread-Forming
  • Drive
  • Metric
  • British Standard Pipe Threads
  • Monel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Standard Button Head
  • Giant Button Head
  • Relief
  • Flush Type
  • Pin Type
  • Hydraulic Shut-Off
  • Leakproof
  • Vents
  • Breathers
  • Special Thread
  • Rivet
  • Assortments
  • Header Blocks
  • Lubrication Fittings Accessories

Grease Guns

fdjohnsonAlemite Grease Guns and Accessories are constructed to withstand the rigors of the most demanding applications. Built using only the highest-grade materials and time-tested designs, Alemite Grease Guns are guaranteed to perform. Alemite offers the widest selection of grease guns on the market.

  • Cordless Series
  • Standard-Duty Series
  • Professional Series
  • High Volume Professional Series
  • Heavy-Duty Series
  • High-Pressure Series
  • Specialty Series
  • PRIME Pistol Grip Grease Gun
  • Grease Gun Accessories

Alemite Grease Pumps

fdjohnsonDesigned and constructed to meet the highest standards, Alemite Grease pumps are exactly what you need to keep your operation running. Alemite Grease and Oil Pumps are designed to handle a wide range of applications, fluid viscosities and system pressures. Combined with other Alemite products such as hose reels, dispensing valves and automatic lubrication devices, Alemite Grease Pumps can deliver lubricants from pails, drums, tanks and totes.

  • Grease Pumps
  • Oil Pumps
  • Hydraulic
  • Chemical and Material Handling
  • Undercoating Pumps
  • Diaphragm Pumps
  • Electric Transfer Pump
  • Accessories
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