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Desiccant Air Drying System

Desiccant Air Drying System

3-Stage Desiccant Design

Multi-stage design removes dirt, water and oil particles down to .01 microns

With Graco's color changing desiccant, desiccant sight glass and coalescer pressure drop indicator, you get clean, dry air all day, every day! The desiccant changes color from blue to pink when fully saturated. Our multi-stage design removes dirt, water and oil particles down to .01 microns, for worry-free operation and upkeep.

• Built-in sight glass allows easy monitoring of desiccant bead color change - no need to take apart to determine desiccant status
• Desiccant can be regenerated for reuse, reducing your total cost of ownership
• Automatic coalescer pressure drop indicator turns red when coalescer requires maintenance
• Pre-assembled 3 stage system ships complete so you're up and running faster
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