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Viscount 4-Ball Pump

Viscount 4-Ball Pump

Hydraulic Piston Pumps

Hydraulic powered piston pumps for more efficient operation

Graco's Viscount 4-Ball pumps are up to three times more efficient than comparable compressed air systems. The simplified lower design means fewer parts and fast, easy repairs for low cost of ownership.
• Offers high volume output at low cycle rates
• Provides large output per cycle to reduce pump wear and maintenance
• Reduces sealing area to minimize throat leakage
• Produces low-shear output for metallic or waterborne paint circulation
• Flushes easily and offers quick color changes


• Lower operating costs (up to three times more efficient than pneumatics)
• Quiet operation
• Reduced downtime with hydraulic motor
• No icing
• Enclosed wet cup minimizes operator interaction for reduced maintenance
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