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E-Flo DC 4-Ball Piston Pump

E-Flo DC 4-Ball Piston Pump

Dual Control Electric Circulating Pumps

Operate the pump two different ways - constant pressure or constant flow rate

Our E-Flo DC (Dual Control) electric circulating pump has been found to be up to five times more efficient than similar sized pneumatic pumps. Watch the video below to hear how our pump can reduce noise levels, plus it will help to lower your energy bill and save you money.


• Five times more efficient compared to similar sized pneumatic pumps
• Minimal pulsation at changeover provides a more consistent finish
• Integrated runaway protection protects your pump from premature wear and prevents costly material loss
• Basic model has two simple control knobs to easily adjust pump settings
• Advanced model lets you easily connect and manage multiple pumps with a single control module
• Quiet electric motor improves your work environment allowing you to remain near the pump for longer periods of time
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