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Battery-powered Grease Gun

Battery-powered Grease Gun


The cordless battery-powered grease gun frees you from cumbersome cords or air hoses. Its high-capacity 18 VDC battery delivers grease faster and reduces the number of times you have to recharge the unit. When the battery runs low, just charge it using the included one-hour battery quick charger.

Using the grease gun is a snap. Just attach the flexible whip hose to a lubrication point and pull the trigger-style switch. Grease is immediately delivered. To stop the flow of grease, just release the switch.


  • Two high-capacity NiCad batteries
  • One-hour battery quick charge
  • Deliver up to 7 cartridges of grease per battery charge, under pressure
  • Fill with standard 14-ounce cartridge or bulk load
  • High pressure flexible whip hose with spring guard
  • Ergonomic grip
  • Heavy-duty four jaw coupler
  • High pressure safety motor override
  • Air bleeder valve
  • Sturdy carrying case
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