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DX Manifold

DX Manifold

The DX multiple valve manifold is designed for use with any conventional, portable type, lubrication gun to serve a limited number of bearings where the installation of a complete central station would not be justified. This unit is being widely used for lubrication of materials handling equipment, trucks, inclinable and single crank presses, machine tools and on both large and small pieces of equipment having isolated groups of bearings.
These systems provide low cost centralized lubrication to small groups of 2 to 12 bearings. Each DX Multiple Valve Manifold, together with any conventional portable type lubrication gun, serves both as a central station and a measuring valve. This system offers the following advantages:

+ Reduction in the number of lubrication gun connections required.
+ Lubrication from a safe, convenient central point.
+ Positive indication that all bearings are receiving lubricant.
+ Control of quantity of lubricant going to the bearings – the amount delivered to each bearing is adjustable.

There are five groups of DX Valve Manifolds. The valve groups may be identified by the number of indicator-piston assemblies. Within each group, the only variation is in the number of active discharge ports.

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