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M2500G Series Divider Valve Manifold

M2500G Series Divider Valve Manifold


M2500G Series Divider Valve Manifolds are the principal components of a progressive lubricating system. Modular construction makes these blocks easy to install, modify and maintain, without removing any tubing.  The Zinc-Nickel plated steel body ensures longer life in nasty environments.

Progressive movement lubricant divider blocks operate in a pre-arranged sequence for easy monitoring of system operation through a moving indicator pin. Normally, the pin transmits a signal to the system controller through an electrical limit switch at the end of a complete lubrication cycle.

Up to 20 bearings can be lubricated from one manifold assembly, and up to 20 manifolds can be included in a simple system. Cyclic discharge from a lubricator forces sequential movement of the pistons inside the divider block, which displaces fixed volumetric amounts of lubricant to each point connected to the system network.

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