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SureFire PDI Lubricator

SureFire PDI Lubricator

The SureFire PDI automatic lubricator is a robust and durable pump that can handle oil and soft greases. Its compact size is designed to fit your space requirements and lubrication demands. The SureFire PDI lubricator is a self-contained electric motor-driven gear pump that can adapt to a broad range of production machinery. It can handle single injectors or injector groups serving up to 100 lubrication points. Its versatility also allows it to perform with other lubrication system types and multiple applications.

  • Handles oil and fluid greases
  • Low level switch for failsafe operation
  • Hydraulic outlet connections on either side
  • Quick-snap reservoir
  • Convenient plug-in type terminal block
  • Large capacity fill cap with built-in strainer
  • Optional timer or controller/monitor
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