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Manual Pumps

LubeSite 500 Series Greasers

LubeSite 500 Series Greasers


Models 502, 505 & 560 are nickel-chrome, double plated for apps where corrosive resistance is required; such as in chemical & food processing apps. Units are assembled with medium springs; 3 additional light & heavy springs are included in each box of 10. An extra heavy spring (orange) is available for applications requiring the use of an extension or for higher pressure flushing applications. Model 560 is individually boxed with 2 springs; heavy and light. The piston seal ring in the 500 series is fabricated from chemical resistant Viton.


Thread size is 1/8" N.P.T. Operating temp range: -10 degrees F to +250 degrees F (-23 degrees C to +121 degrees C)

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