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Special Lubrication Products

LubeSite SAVER Oilers

LubeSite SAVER Oilers

SAVER Gravity Oiler

This single-point lubricator is ideal for those applications which require a constant “as needed” supply of oil. These units may also be used as an oil level indicator, reserve reservoir or for back-pressure relief on machine start-up.

SAVER Wick Oiler

Wick oilers are used in applications where precise oiling is required and are adaptable to all classes of machinery. The foam material used in the LubeSite wick oilers replaces the old-fashioned “pipe cleaner”, felt or woven cotton wicks. The wick material provides easily controlled oiling rates.

SAVER Drip Oiler

The drip feed oiler is the most popular method of lubrication because it allows the operator to adjust the rate of oil flow. Adjustments are made by turning the valve to any point between the open and fully closed position. Needle point and cam-lock valves are available.

SAVER Chain Oilers

As a chain enters and leaves a sprocket, there is relative movement between the pin and bushing surfaces. Wear at these points creates elongation, decreasing both chain life and efficiency. By maintaining an oil film between the pin and bushing, you can greatly reduce this wear. Needle point and cam-lock valves are available.

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