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Oil Streak Systems

Oil Streak Systems


Manufacturers who rely on high speed machining, grinding and centrifuge equipment for their livelihood talked… and the engineers at Bijur Delimon International listened. The new line of Oil Streak air-oil systemsby Bijur Delimon combine the best of all worlds in a clean looking, precise, simple to use "plug & play" format, designed to outperform all competition in your most demanding high speed spindle bearing applications.

System installation is neat, clean and downright good looking. But at the heart of the system, you’ll find the industry’s most reliable and proven components provided in a preconfigured, dependable package to ensure that your high-speed spindle bearings are protected…day after day, week after week, year after year. At the heart of the system, Bijur Delimon’s SureFire Lubricator delivers a wide assortment of spindle lubricants to the processing equipment. Bijur Delimon’s long proven air-oil mixing valves blend precise amounts of air and oil, thanks in part, to special oil injectors designed specifically for spindle oil applications. Filtration, air-oil regulation plus the right combination of state-of-the-art electronics combine to round out the package. And, for those who insist on keeping track of the minutest details, electronic oil streak sensing units are available as an option.

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