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Multi-Purpose Controller (MPC)

Multi-Purpose Controller (MPC)

The Lubriquip Multi-Purpose Controller™ (MPC) is a micro-processor based controller designed to operate, monitor, and control all types of centralized lubrication systems. The MPC™ can be used in Series-Progressive, Injector, Piston Distributor, Dual-Line, and Air/Oil types of lubricant distribution systems for scheduling the lubricating cycles and then monitoring for the successful operation of the lube system’s pump and distributing devices. It can be used on either a single system or two independent lubrication systems.

Typical applications for the MPC’s multi-zone, or systems, capabilities are:

Part washing machines which have “wet areas” that require either grease or heavy oil lubrication, plus “dry areas” which may require a lower viscosity lubricant. The two separate lube systems may be required to activate on different interval schedules for the application of their individual lubricants.

Gear-spray applications that require activation and timing control of both the air flow and oil flow components into the air-oil mixing device.

Drilling & Reaming tool operations that require independent monitoring and control of the air-oil lubrication for each of the successive operations.

Two-zone lubricant distribution systems that use a common lubricant, reservoir, and pump, but require independent control and scheduling for servicing each zone’s lube points.

Adjacent machine tools that can be more economically lubricated using one two-zone MPC instead of two separate controllers, each dedicated to one machine.

Machine tools that require independent ways and slides (machine) lube and also air + oil lubrication for high rotating speed components.

Stamping presses that require both oil and grease lubrication for their rotating and moving components, which therefore require two separate and independent lube systems operating on greatly different lube application schedules.

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