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Air-Operated Oilers

OP-37A Drop Finger Conveyor Chain Pin Oiler

OP-37A Drop Finger Conveyor Chain Pin Oiler
A lubrication system specifically designed for conveyors used in meat processing

Designed with the meat processing industry’s needs in mind, each lubricator comes with a manual on-automatic off, push button reset timer, which allows easy lubrication after wash-downs. The factory custom sets the chain drop to the customer’s application for precise and cost-effective lubricant application.

Features / Benefits
  • Integral heavy duty 5-gallon steel reservoir
  • Lubricant level sight gauge
  • Lubricates chain pins during operation
  • Positive displacement metering pump
  • Lube cycle controller
  • Eliminates conveyor surge and prevents rusting/corrosion from wash-downs
  • Wide viscosity range capability provides flexibility in lubricant selection
  • Can dispense OPCO’s WearMaster lubricants, which are engineered to cover a broad spectrum of applications, including food-handling
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