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Air-Operated Oilers

OP-54A High-Speed Pin Chain Oiler

OP-54A High-Speed Pin Chain Oiler
The only system specifically designed for high-speed beverage can pin chain conveyors

Designed to eliminate the variables that plague other units, the OPCO ChainMaster OP-54A’s continuous operation provides consistent, even lubrication. The unit precisely applies a thin film of lubricant directly to the chain and provides a coating to the side links to help minimize varnish buildup and keep the chain clean.

Features / Benefits
  • Non-contact system lubricates small pitch chains regardless of speed
  • Continuous, even lubrication extends chain life
  • Positive displacement pump delivers a metered volume of lubricant
  • Large integral reservoir reduces labor time spent refilling
  • Instantaneous start-up and shutdown protects operating chains
  • Lubricant coating on chain side links decreases varnish and other contaminant buildup
  • Ultra-precise spray minimizes over-spray and lubricant waste
  • Advanced design reduces chain stretch due to premature wear
  • Floor-level reservoir and controls offer easy programming and refilling
  • Adjustable volume prevents over-or under- lubrication
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