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Air-Operated Oilers

OP-4A Overhead Chain Oiler

OP-4A Overhead Chain Oiler
Accurate, Reliable Operation

The OP-4A is pneumatically powered and electrically timed. A caterpillar chain assembly engages the conveyor chain, engaging the oil dispensing nozzle plate, moving it over the chain pin links. An air operated pump meters a precise amount of oil through each nozzle, lubricating chain pins and links simultaneously. The optional 1000 hour repeat cycle timer features cycle progress display and memory.

Features / Benefits
  • The OP-4A system lubricates chain pins while conveyor is running under normal conditions.
  • Automatically deposits a clean, metered shot of oil directly and precisely to chain pins at desired intervals. No waste or mess from over oiling.
  • Proper lubrication reduces friction and wear – extends conveyor life.
  • Fast payback based on reduced maintenance and extended productive conveyor life.
  • Eliminates surging caused by non-lubricated and worn chains, so product can be spaced closer, increasing productivity.
  • Helps reduce drive power requirements.
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