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OP-52 / OP-53 Conveyor Caterpillar Drive Chain Lubricators

OP-52 / OP-53 Conveyor Caterpillar Drive Chain Lubricators
Cost-effective orifice lubrication for conveyor drive, short transfer and machine chains
  • Delivers a precise volume of lubricant per stroke with positive displacement pump
  • Controls lubrication cycle frequency and duration accurately with programmable solid state adjustment timer
  • Installs easily – pump and controls assembly requires four (4) mounting bolts and one (1) electrical connection
  • Constructed of durable molded plastic or fabricated metal for harsher environments
  • Operates cleanly and affordable to save time, work and money
  • Simple start-up and testing procedures with manual-run push-button
  • Delivers most fluid lubricants
  • Lubricates drive chains effectively to extend drive and conveyor chain life

OPCO Lubrication Systems, Inc. has updated the OP-52/53 timer. Click the link below for details and for instructions on replacing an old-style timer with this new timer.

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