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OP-311 Outboard / OP-331 Inboard Wheel Lubrication

OP-311 Outboard / OP-331 Inboard Wheel Lubrication
Heavy-duty systems for roller chain, flat top, gull wing and coil conveyors
Features / Benefits
  • The OP-311 / OP-331 systems lubricates outboard / inboard wheels while the conveyor is running under normal conditions
  • Reduces downtime and manual labor operations in lubricating outboard / inboard wheels
  • Wheels that are lubricated properly can extend the life of conveyor components
  • Eliminates surging and drag caused by non-lubricated and worn wheels
  • Conveyor runs more smoothly
  • Helps to reduce drive power requirements
  • Less waste. A metered amount of lubricant is cleanly and precisely injected into wheels
  • The right lubrication system results in a clean operation — and saves you substantial time, money, and work
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