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Perma PRO C MP-6

Perma PRO C MP-6
perma PRO C MP-6 is a machine controlled multi-point lubrication system with a lubricant volume of 250cc or 500cc. The lubrication period is determined by the machine's control unit. perma PRO C MP-6 can be set for 2-6 lubrication points (or up to 12 with DKU distribution block accessory). The MP-6 dispenses directly without pressure loss. Without the distributor MP-6, perma PRO C can also be operated as a single-point lubrication system.

Product Overview

Product Characteristics

  • High operating pressure up to 25 bar / 360 psi
  • Wide application temperature range of -20° to 60° C / -4° to 140° F
  • Ergonomically designed compact metal housing
  • Variable discharge periods via PLC-control / impulse setting
  • Two LV-unit sizes (Lubrication Cartridge): 250cc and 500cc
  • Two push buttons with display in menu format
  • Visible piston and LED display
  • Lubricant in the reservoir is not under constant pressure
  • Bayonet catch
  • Individual lubrication of 2-6 lubrication points via direct distributor MP-6
  • PLC-controlled multi-point lubrication system
  • Can be used as a single point lubrication system
  • User-friendly




  • Long grease lines possible
  • Operates in extreme applications
  • Ergonomic
  • Exact lubricant dosing according to machine requirements
  • User-friendly operation
  • Re-transmission of the function to the control unit of the machine (e.g. OK, malfunction or empty LV)
  • Display offers visual control and exact information about settings and remaining lubricant
  • User-friendly exchange of LV-units
  • MP-6: powered and controlled by perma PRO C; lubricant is directly distributed without any pressure loss; display shows details about each outlet
  • Requires little mounting space
  • Advantages over central lubrication systems: flexible plastic tubes up to 15 ft.; no metal tubes; easy access without pressure loss even at hard to reach lubrication points


The PLC-controlled perma PRO C MP-6 is a multi-point lubrication system. It can lubricate up to 6 lubrication points on roller and sliding bearings of motors, generators, pumps, and fans, as well as on linear units, e.g. robot systems. Applications range from wind energy to steel industry, paper industry, mining / quarries and automobile industry. perma PRO C can also be used as a single-point lubrication system in all of these applications.

Technical Data

Technical data
Housing design
Metal housing with transparent plastic lubricant cartridge
Electromechanical ramp pump
Discharge period
Machine controlled
Lubricant volume
250cc (8.45oz) or 500cc (16.9oz)
Greases up to rated consistency NLGI 2
Ambient temperature
-20° to 60° C / -4° to 140° F
Pressure build-up
Max. 25 bar / 360 psi
Remote installations
15 feet of 3/8" tube
Enclosure Box (optional)
For outdoor and high contamination areas
Power supply
External power supply (15...30V DC/typ. 0.2A)

perma PRO C is a PLC-controlled multi-point lubrication system. Lubrication can be adjusted to meet the requirements of the machine that is lubricated. During extended downtimes of the machine, the lubrication system goes into a “waiting function” and does not discharge until the machine continues to operate.

The function status can be monitored via a PLC-control system (e.g. warning lights) and is also displayed by the lubricator’s LED signal. perma PRO C with distributor MP-6 can be operated with two volumes (250cc and 500cc) and can lubricate up to 6 lubrication points. High pressure build-up (to 25 bar/360 psi) allows operation with long tubes.
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