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Broken Line Indicator

Broken Line Indicator

Broken Line Indicators are small monitoring devices which are installed in divider valve outlet ports for terminating oil, terminating grease or recirculating oil systems. They are designed to monitor (protect) line integrity of lubricant transmission lines for critical bearing points on a machine.

Broken Line Indicators provide a visual indication at the divider valve outlet of the lubrication point being monitored to enable easy location of broken lines (severed or leaking connections). The Indicator also generates a central high-pressure warning (via pressure switch) in the main line between the pump and master divider in the event of line breakage if so equipped.

The Broken Line Indicator Kit includes an Indicator and Simulator. The Simulator is a preset relief valve. It is an O-ring sealed, pistontype relief valve for positive retention of line pressure.

The Indicator is installed in the Divider Valve outlet port and the simulator is installed in the bearing tap. It is highly recommended that performance indicators (reset with memory type — reference Literature 15401) be installed in the indicator ports of the master divider to assist in troubleshooting the system. Pressure rating of the performance indicators will be the same as the Indicator rating.

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