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Trabon-Lubriquip Accessories

Cycle Indicator Proximity Switches

Cycle Indicator Proximity Switches

Graco’s Trabon Cycle Proximity Switches are used for providing a signal to a Monitor, Controller or Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) to indicate the number of cycles and cycle rate of a Series-Progressive (SP) divider valve; this signal is transmitted via a feedback loop to the Controller, providing the status of the lubrication cycle it is programmed to monitor and record.

Graco offers three types of proximity switches for use on Series-Progressive divider valves: Reed-Type (Reed) Proximity Switch, Field Sensing Magnetic (FSM) Proximity Switch, and Field Sensing Mechanical (FSmech) Proximity Switch. All are magnetically operated, single-throw switches that sense the movement of the divider valve’s piston when it is cycling.

The Reed-Type proximity switch is available as an unattached version (magnetically attached to piston) for oil-only applications using MSP, MH or MGO divider valve assemblies.

The Field Sensitive Magnetic proximity switch is a dry contact, ceramic magnet operated switch. It can be used in either grease or oil applications and is available in three sizes compatible with MSP, MH, MX/MXP, and MGO assemblies and its use is not limited by valve section size. This switch is also available in an explosion- proof design with a six-foot long cable for use in MS/MH divider valves.

The FSmech proximity switch is designed to provide a greater reliability of operation when used with the very low signal power conditions common to DC-powered PLC’s. It is a magnetically activated proximity switch that contains a miniature snap-action switch, activated by the attraction of its internal magnet to the divider valve’s moving piston. The 24 volt DC-only version of this switch is available with integral light-emitting diodes (LED) for local verification of power and cycling activity. Similar designs without LED’s are suitable for either AC or DC power operation; there is also an explosion-proof version with six foot long pigtail leads. FSmech proximity switches are available for MSP, MH, and MX/MXP divider valve assemblies.

Each type of Graco Proximity Switch is available with a variety of customer-required options to fulfill each of their application’s particular specifications: 24 VDC or 115 VAC power, LED cycle indicator lights for DC applications, and various types of electrical connection options: Brad Harrison or Crouse Hinds cables with either 3,4, or 5 pin connectors, 6 ft., 3-wires (for explosion- proof versions), 1/2 ” NPT conduit (Reed Switch types only), or M12x1 Micro 4-pin connection.

A complete list of the cycle and proximity switches with their available options appears on Page 2.

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