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Trabon-Lubriquip Accessories

Performance Indicators

Performance Indicators

Trabon Performance Indicators are pressure-sensitive devices that pinpoint excessive pressure in Trabon series progressive lubricating systems. These devices, which are installed in the alternate outlet ports of divider valves, signal a fault either by causing an indicator pin to protrude or by releasing lubricant to the atmosphere.

All Performance Indicators respond quickly to protect the lube system and locate lube line blockage. Two of these devices–the Reset Indicator with Memory and the Rupture Indicator–will stop lube system operation when a fault occurs. If, however, lube system operation must continue in spite of a single line being blocked, the Automatic Relief Indicator should be used. Rupture-to-Atmosphere Indicators for Trabon pumps are also included.

It is recommended that some type of Performance Indicator be used to monitor every working outlet of a Trabon Centralized Lubrication System.

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