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Trabon Divider Valves

MH Divider Valves

MH Divider Valves

MH divider valves precisely proportion a volume of oil to satisfy the different requirements of every point in a lube system. They operate in sequential fashion to ensure that no point is missed. Series-Progressive design provides ready monitoring capability.

MH divider valves are available for use with petroleum or synthetic oils and at pressures up to 7500 PSI. The modular, stackable subplate design provides maximum application flexibility. Accessory components are available for visual diagnostics and electrical monitoring.

Each MH divider valve assembly incorporates from three to eight working piston sections, associated subplate sections which include the outlet distribution ports, an inlet section, and an end section. “Twin” sections are ported to provide separate outputs from each end of a working piston and direct them to two lube points. “Single” sections are ported to combine the outputs from each end of a working piston and direct it to one lube point.

Crossport plates may be installed between working piston sections and subplate sections to combine theoutputs of successive working piston sections. (Crossport plates must not be installed beneath bottom working sections.) Singling plates may be installed to combine the outputs from both ends of a working piston in any “Twin” section. Bypass sections (not shown) may be used in place of working piston sections to eliminate inactive lube lines without disturbing active lube lines, or to provide for future system expansion. (Divider assembly must contain at least three working sections in addition to bypass section.)

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