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Trabon Divider Valves

MSP Divider Valves

MSP Divider Valves

Modular MSP Divider Valves use a stackable subplate design. The valve section containing the displacement piston is bolted to an individual subplate. A complete divider valve assembly consists of an inlet section, an end section, and a minimum of three to a maximum of ten stacked subplates and valve sections. These components are bolted together with three tie rods.

A complete divider valve assembly with a maximum of ten subplates and valve sections can serve up to 20 lubrication points. Because outlet connections are made to the subplate, valve sections may be changed without disturbing existing tubing. More Lubrication points may be added to an existing assembly by installing additional subplates, valve sections, and outlet tubing.

The amount of lubricant dispensed by each valve section is determined by the size of the piston. A twin valve section dispenses equal amounts of lubricant to two outlets. A single valve section combines the lubricant from both ends of the piston and dispenses it to one outlet. By installing an external crossport kit, lubricant from adjacent valve sections can be combined for larger output needs.

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