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Trabon Divider Valves

MJ Divider Valves

MJ Divider Valves

Trabon MJ Series-Flo Divider Valves are designed for lubricating systems serving machine tools and other comparable equipment.

In many installations the MSP divider valve serves as the Master divider assembly for an MJ system. A typical MJ Series-Flo divider assembly (to the right) consists of an inlet section, end section and three to eight valve sections. One manifold will serve up to a maximum of 16 lube points.

The MJ valve sections, which have built-in outlet check valves, are available in various output sizes. Each twin (T) section has 2 outlets, one from each side of the section. Each single (S) section can have an outlet on either side but the outlet on one side must be plugged for the section to operate properly.

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