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E Series (PDI) Pneumatic Pump

E Series (PDI) Pneumatic Pump

The basic Trabon® E Series Lube package consists of a positive displacement, single-acting pneumatic pump and either reservoirs for oils up to 30,000 SUS, or grease reservoirs.

The pump, which operates at 40 to 150 psi (3 to 10 bar) air pressure, has a displacement and output of 0.030 cubic inches (0.491 cm3) or .010 – .030 (.160 -.491cm3) per stroke. Maximum rated operating pressure is 2,000 psi. The fixed output pump comes with a 1,750 psi high pressure rupture disc assembly. Both pumps include a built-in lube outlet check valve.

The basic package is available with matched, modular low level switch, pressure gauge and 3-way pneumatic valve accessories.

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