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Keeping Your Machinery Running: 80 Years of Rich History - FDJohnson

Keeping Your Machinery Running: 80 Years of Rich History

One of the many hallmarks of FD Johnson is our proven reputation involving the sale, maintenance and repair of everything from oil lubrication products to barrel pumps. Our track record of success, which further includes expertise with hand pumps, hydraulic coupling and fracking equipment, reflects our commitment to excellence and quality of service. Indeed, we seek to build long-term relationships with customers, both entrepreneurial companies and established businesses, so they may enjoy the operational efficiency they need and deserve. Achieving that goal involves training, responsiveness and a thorough understanding of the pump and motor lubrication systems (among others) responsible for keeping a client's machinery running. And therein lies the essence of FD Johnson: that we invest the time - and resources - necessary to help the diverse array of businesses we advise, from traditional manufacturing brands to companies at the forefront of making America energy independent.

Indeed, FD Johnson symbolizes 80 years of rich history - an established record of achievement, backed by a thorough understanding of, say, the solenoid valves and grease pumps that keep machinery running - which is a testament to our belief that companies require a credible and knowledgeable aid at their side. We fulfill that mission because we understand that a lube pump or hydraulic fracturing system involves a degree of expertise few possess. This statement is not an attack against our competitors, nor is it an attempt at self-promotion. Instead, we want current and prospective customers to know that our belief in education does not stop with the introduction of a new product. Nor does it end with the sale of a pump or system.

On the contrary, the technical experts at FD Johnson maintain the founding principles of our business: a quest for information and an understanding of the mechanics behind a new piece of equipment, so we can quickly - and accurately - identify any challenges, resolve any sudden issues and give our clients the peace of mind they crave. Alas, few businesses meet that same standard of excellence - quality control is an element missing from any number of industries - which brings us back to our 80 years of accomplishment and pride of service: we set a high bar for ourselves, so every option we offer - from repairs and maintenance to schooling - coincides with our goals to help our customers and deliver the convenience they want.

For the manufacturing economy, as well as companies using new technology to extract large amounts of oil, our legacy is a source of comfort in an otherwise rapidly changing landscape. These rules constitute a business manifesto, of sorts, one that we uphold on a daily basis -- for every client, in any industry, for the good of all. In fact, we know these ideals as a matter of course; we need no reminder about their importance, we demand no memo about their validity.

As we enter a new era of development, in which lubrication pumps and systems will be critical, we want our customers to know that we are ready for any assignment. FD Johnson welcome this opportunity. It is another invitation for us to put our customers first, now and forever.

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