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The FD Johnson Edge: A Lifetime of Success and Personalized Service - FDJohnson

The FD Johnson Edge: A Lifetime of Success and Personalized Service

The FD Johnson Edge is not a secret; it is not some proprietary formula few know and even fewer will ever see. On the contrary, our competitive advantage is something that expresses the rules of common sense: respect customers, accommodate their requests, answer relevant questions and offer the training necessary to properly service and maintain lubrication pumps and systems. We call this benefit the FD Johnson Edge because the obligatory duties of an ethical company - the things any business should do - are more common (and expected) in our company than elsewhere. This culture of leadership starts with every person, from our factory trained technicians to our customer service representatives to our salespeople to our top executives. In other words, we make quality a priority for every thing we do; we elevate personalized service to the forefront of our daily requirements.

Along with 80 years of distinguished history, complemented by seamless integration of new systems into existing plant equipment and international reach, we pride ourselves on the clients we advise and the industries we serve. We even exceed these standards by offering comprehensive site surveys and equipment health assessments. Put another way, we make sure the equipment our clients buy - and the pumps and systems they depend on - operate with maximum efficiency. Our slogan - We keep your machinery running - is a testament to the resolution of every person who works on our behalf.

This philosophy encompasses the entirety of our company, underscoring our emphasis on installation and maintenance. We counsel current and prospective clients, so they can save time and money. Those rewards are part of the FD Johnson Edge, a pledge that bears the signature of excellence from our network of employees and affiliates. But we exceed these standards, too, because we believe our advantage rests with something far more important: the cultivation of relationships with current and prospective customers, so they have sustained exposure to our way of doing business. This approach is not the product of some management fad, nor is it a theory conceived in a classroom and divorced from real world testing. It is, instead, the culmination of decades of experience and an equally long period of permanence within our community. We know what works because we value the clients we have, period.

Respect governs all of these actions, our guiding principle and lodestar for executive leadership. The FD Johnson Edge is, therefore, a living promise - to ourselves and our clients - that we will never forsake, an oath we will always defend. Welcome to the success and personalized service we deliver.

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