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FDJ Lubrication School: Our Ongoing Pursuit of Knowledge and Training - FDJohnson

FDJ Lubrication School: Our Ongoing Pursuit of Knowledge and Training

Of the many benefits we provide, our FDJ Lubrication School is certainly worthy of greater recognition. The program is a chance for the employees of our various customers to learn about basic lubrication principles and the specific repairs a piece of equipment may require. From controllers and monitors to distribution systems, our school is an opportunity to master the details responsible for keeping a company's machinery running. That pledge is no mere slogan, as if we could reduce 80 years of rich history to a one-sentence motto; rather, it is an expression of the importance - no, the absolute necessity - of properly repairing and maintaining things like centralized lubrication systems and grease pumps, so industrial equipment can operate at peak performance.

Without that schooling, companies risk serious disruptions, manufacturing closures and a diminished presence in the marketplace. Thankfully, our technical experts - people are part of our commitment to excellence - are available to instruct employees about the intricate rules involving oil lubricant, hand pumps, solenoid valves, pump grease and so much more. More to the point, our instructors make this information intelligible; they give students a chance to decipher these tips with confidence and convenience. Think of the FDJ Lubrication School as our investment in current and prospective customers, a way of expressing our thanks to the many companies - in a variety of industries - who rely on our responsiveness and professional guidance.

These classes save customers a considerable amount of money over the long-term, since it is much easier to have an employee identify and fix a pump or system than have an entire piece of equipment stop working. As our legacy proves, and as our leadership can attest, we do, indeed, keep your machinery running. We achieve that result through a multitude of factors - from the intelligence of our staff to the quality of service we offer - but the FDJ Lubrication School is the most comprehensive program of its kind - an advantage for our customers and their respective employees - so more people can have a firm understanding of the pumps and systems of a specific piece of equipment.

By these standards, we represent the adage that knowledge is power. That is, we believe more employees should know about controllers and monitors, as well as distribution systems, so they - and we - can work together to address any challenges and resolve any unexpected events. All of which brings us back to our original point: that employees need to be the recipients of a sound education - they are the ultimate brand ambassadors, after all - and that induction ceremony, so to speak, begins with our FDJ Lubrication School. The success stories associated with this program are legion, further proof of our credibility and respect. The value of teaching and training will always be a priority for us.

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