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FDJ Lubrication School: Our Ongoing Pursuit of Knowledge and Training

Of the many benefits we provide, our FDJ Lubrication School is certainly worthy of greater recognition. The program is a chance for the employees of our various customers to learn about basic lubrication principles and the specific repairs a piece of equipment may require. From controllers and monitors to distribution systems, our school is an opportunity to master the details responsible for keeping a company's machinery running. That pledge is no mere slogan, as if we could reduce 80 years of rich history to a one-sentence motto; rather, it is an expression of the importance - no, the absolute necessity - of properly repairing and maintaining things like centralized lubrication systems and grease pumps, so industrial equipment can operate at peak performance.

Onsite Installation: The FD Johnson Advantage for Every Client

Onsite installation of lubrication systems and pumps is a reward few competitors can match or offer. And yet, installing and servicing this equipment is an inseparable component of everything FD Johnson does, from customizing solutions for companies (both big and small) to instructing personnel about the proper operation of specific products. The convenience factor alone is significant, because it saves customers the time and money to do these things themselves. More importantly, our factory trained technicians - professionals of the highest order, who strive to achieve their personal best and perform their duties with care, respect and efficiency - make sure this process is seamless. Other companies sell products with no offer of onsite installation or technical assistance. Without that guidance, any number of distribution systems, grease and barrel pumps, and hydraulic fracturing equipment can malfunction or stop working permanently.

The FD Johnson Edge: A Lifetime of Success and Personalized Service

The FD Johnson Edge is not a secret; it is not some proprietary formula few know and even fewer will ever see. On the contrary, our competitive advantage is something that expresses the rules of common sense: respect customers, accommodate their requests, answer relevant questions and offer the training necessary to properly service and maintain lubrication pumps and systems. We call this benefit the FD Johnson Edge because the obligatory duties of an ethical company - the things any business should do - are more common (and expected) in our company than elsewhere. This culture of leadership starts with every person, from our factory trained technicians to our customer service representatives to our salespeople to our top executives. In other words, we make quality a priority for every thing we do; we elevate personalized service to the forefront of our daily requirements.

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