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Hazards of Inappropriate Motor Lubrication and the Role of Oil Lubricator

“Is it necessary to use the manufacturer's recommended lubricant for motor lubrication?”

Neglecting the manufacturer's recommendations for any piece of equipment may lead to potential failures of the machinery. Of course, there are several factors that contribute to this such as environmental conditions, load, speed and temperature.

A healthy motor lubrication is about following the recommended procedures as per the instructions specified by your manufacturer. And, the role of oil lubricators can be overlooked. They make it easier to pump oil from a reservoir and fed into the air flow, a drop at a time. They are built using a regulating screw on the top which controls the amount of oil that is being pumped out within a specific timeframe. Your manufacturer might have provided you with the guidelines to use a certain type of oil lubricator that fits best to the recommended lubricant. If not, ask an expert before giving it a try.

Keeping Your Machinery Running: 80 Years of Rich History

One of the many hallmarks of FD Johnson is our proven reputation involving the sale, maintenance and repair of everything from oil lubrication products to barrel pumps. Our track record of success, which further includes expertise with hand pumps, hydraulic coupling and fracking equipment, reflects our commitment to excellence and quality of service. Indeed, we seek to build long-term relationships with customers, both entrepreneurial companies and established businesses, so they may enjoy the operational efficiency they need and deserve. Achieving that goal involves training, responsiveness and a thorough understanding of the pump and motor lubrication systems (among others) responsible for keeping a client's machinery running. And therein lies the essence of FD Johnson: that we invest the time - and resources - necessary to help the diverse array of businesses we advise, from traditional manufacturing brands to companies at the forefront of making America energy independent.

Hydraulic Fracturing and the New Energy Economy: FD Johnson at the Helm

Hydraulic fracturing, commonly known as fracking, promises to lessen America's dependence on foreign oil. At the same time, this innovation - starting with the use of hydraulic lines - is another example of an industry where FD Johnson has a strong presence. In fact, hydraulic fracturing is at the center of a major expansion of jobs in the Midwest: demand abounds from both entrepreneurial and established oil companies, each with an interest in extracting (through the equipment we sell, repair and maintain) the newly discovered oil deposits deep with the earth. Accomplishing that goal is in both our economic and political interests, as it creates much needed jobs here at home while giving greater flexibility, in terms of energy independence, on the global stage. But for every hydraulic line or oil lubricator or attempt at hydrofracking, there is an even greater need to find a company with the experience, technical expertise and credibility to address these matters.

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