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With our proven service and diversity of high quality products, FD Johnson is a trusted resource for an extensive selection of lubrication and connector items. The brand names we carry, each of which is a recognized leader within its respective category, include everything from controllers, dividers, electric pumps and rupture disks and accessories to hoses, seals, adapters and fittings. This equipment is critical for the proper operation and maintenance of industrial machinery for our customers throughout the United States.

Our inventory also reflects our knowledge about the lubrication pumps and systems that best suit the needs of current and prospective clients. Along with our knowledgeable professionals - technicians who are veteran experts concerning the products we carry – FD Johnson leverages its insight, the wisdom of 80-years of company leadership and engineering pride to uphold our top position in the marketplace.

By combining respect, responsiveness and insight involving the newest – and most relevant – equipment, we provide the guidance our customers deserve and expect. The substantial array of pumps, systems, connector products and lubrication devices we carry also underscores the depth of our ability to help companies – in a host of industries – with the materials they need, backed by the service they appreciate.

Take some time to explore the many products we carry, since FD Johnson welcomes the feedback and support of the public in general and our customers in particular.

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