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DPG Lubricator

DPG Lubricator

The DPG Pneumatic Lubricator is an air-operated reciprocating lubricator that discharges a fixed amount of lubricant into systems during a lubrication cycle.

  • High output pressure that can be controlled by regulated air supply pressure
  • Plate mounted for easy installation
  • FRL supplied to clean and condition the air
  • Air operated reciprocating pump 30:1 ratio
  • 10 lb grease reservoir includes low level switch warning and spring loaded follower plate to assure positive prime on the pump inlet
  • Grease strainer with cleanout is located on the pump outlet.
  • Reversing valve with system cycle switch, reverses at factory set 1500 psi (104 bar)
  • Normal system pressure at the pump will range from 1200-1500 psi
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