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MSA-100 (Air Operated) Pump

MSA-100 (Air Operated) Pump

The MSA-100 is an air-operated pump with an adjustable volume output. It is designed to be used in series progressive oil or grease lubrication systems.

Lubricant can be supplied to the MSA-100 pump by either a gravity feed reservoir or a pressurized source such as a bulk header that exerts up to 500 psi at the pump inlet. This pressure handling capability results from the valve action of the MSA-100. Its piston prevents lubricant from flowing into the lube system when the piston is in the priming position.

The MSA-100 is supplied as a single-acting pump. However, it can be easily field-converted to double acting by simply removing the air breather from the double-acting port and installing an air line.

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